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Classification of Transcription Factors in Mammalia

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Superclass: , Class: ,
Family: , Subfamily: , Genus: ,
  • 2 Zinc-coordinating DNA-binding domains
    • 2.3 C2H2 zinc finger factors
      • 2.3.3 More than 3 adjacent zinc fingers
        • ZNF222-like

Species within this Genus: 6

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Gorilla gorilla gorilla

Synonyms: western lowland gorilla, lowland gorilla

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: human, man

Protein expression pattern:Show table
Isoforms and DNA binding domain
Macaca mulatta

Synonyms: Rhesus monkey, rhesus monkeys

Nomascus leucogenys

Synonyms: northern white-cheeked gibbon, White-cheeked Gibbon

Pan troglodytes

Synonyms: chimpanzee

Pongo abelii

Synonyms: Sumatran orangutan, orang utan

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Expression table
The table below summarizes the protein expression data from the Protein Atlas. The tissues and cell types are linked to the Cytomer ontology
TissueCell typeExpression levelTypeReliability
adrenal glandglandular tissueWeakStainingUncertain
appendixglandular tissueNegativeStainingUncertain
appendixlymphoid tissueNegativeStainingUncertain
bone barrowhematopoetic stem cellModerateStainingUncertain
breastglandular tissueNegativeStainingUncertain
bronchiciliated call with propulsive function of respiratory tractStrongStainingUncertain
cerebellumgranule cellNegativeStainingUncertain
cerebellumpurkinje cellNegativeStainingUncertain
cerebral cortexglial cell of central nervous systemNegativeStainingUncertain
cerebral cortexneuronWeakStainingUncertain
cervix of uterusglandular tissueNegativeStainingUncertain
cervix of uterussquamous epithelial cellNegativeStainingUncertain
colonglandular tissueWeakStainingUncertain
duodenumglandular tissueNegativeStainingUncertain