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Classification of Transcription Factors in Mammalia

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  • 7 beta-Hairpin exposed by an alpha/beta-scaffold
About GCM domain factors
TRANSFAC class description C0031: Within the N-terminal parts of Drosophila GCM, human and mouse GCMa and murine GCMb, a region of about 150 AA was disclosed that exhibits a high degree of homology. This gcm-motif is responsible for DNA-binding. Within this motif, three regions of identity were discovered: A, 10 AA; B, 9 AA; C, 10 AA. Additionally, there are 7 conserved Cys and 4 conserved His residues scattered over the gcm-motif.Species within this Class: 38 Genera within this Class: 2
DNA binding domain Whole protein
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