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Classification of Transcription Factors in Mammalia

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  • 2 Zinc-coordinating DNA-binding domains
About C2H2 zinc finger factors
TRANSFAC® class description C0001: Zinc finger motif of TFIIIA/Krueppel type. Each finger comprises 2 cysteine and 2 histidine residues coordinating one zinc ion, in some cases one histidine is replaced by another cysteine. The zinc ion is essential for DNA-binding. The first half of the finger sequence is generally organized in two antiparallel beta-strands, the second half as an alpha-helix and partly as an 310-helix. Hydrophobic contacts between the beta-strands and the alpha-helix are formed by the conserved phenylalanine and leucine residues. The alpha-helix binds to DNA through the major groove. The finger link frequently is TGEKPY. More informationSpecies within this Class: 41 Genera within this Class: 637
DNA binding domain Whole protein
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