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Classification of Transcription Factors in Mammalia

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  • 2 Zinc-coordinating DNA-binding domains
About Nuclear receptors with C4 zinc fingers
TRANSFAC class description C0002: Zinc finger motif of nuclear receptor type. Two such motifs differing in size, composition and function are present in each receptor molecule. Each finger comprises 4 cysteine residues coordinating one zinc ion. The second half including the second cysteine pair has alpha-helix conformation, the helix of the first finger binds to the DNA through the major groove. The sequence between the first two cysteines of the second finger mediates dimerization upon DNA-binding. More informationSpecies within this Class: 41 Genera within this Class: 48 LOGO plot of the DNA binding domain
FASTA file of the LogoPlot
DNA binding domain Whole protein
Phylogenetic tree Mammalia
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To generate these trees, only the TFs were taken from a selected group of mammalian species. As standard, the corresponding human, cow, mouse and Monodelphis TFs were taken if available; occasionally, either species was to replaced or had to be omitted without replacement.
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